How to travel with only one handbag

How to travel with only one handbag
July 25, 2017 Joanna Dubbeldam
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Let’s face it, traveling is never easy. As a child, I sat miserably on many planes, sick to my stomach, dreaming of inventing a teleportation machine that would take me right from my room to my final destination.  How amazing would that be? Now at least there are good motion sickness meds that get me through the flight, but as an adult I have to deal with planning, packing and paying for everything. It also doesn’t help that I am a procrastinator and I don’t pack until the night before I travel. This is never a good idea especially when the shirt that will complete my perfect 1st day meeting is dirty in the laundry hamper.

Catching up with some old friends at the SFMOMA with BECCA as a messenger bag

Catching up with some old friends at the SFMOMA with BECCA as a messenger bag.

Wine slushy with my slick BECCA handbag.

My preferred packing methodology is to lay out the trip’s outfits on my bed to figure out which shoes and bags go best with each outfit. Then comes the dreaded cuts since I can never fit all of them in my suitcase AND stay under 25 kg! Struggle no longer. My recent trip was made so much easier with JoJo Handbags. Yes, this is my company but it was the first time I have gone on a trip with only one handbag! It was not an easy choice trying to decide which of my newly manufactured beauties lined perfectly in their boxes wafting lovely leather smells through my office I would take.  I knew I needed a backpack for flying and sightseeing, a handbag for evenings and a messenger bag for meetings, so there was only one perfect choice – the BECCA.

BECCA is an amazingly versatile bag that transforms from 2 handbags (depending how you fold it), to 2 messenger bags (depending which side you wear it) and to my favorite, a cute lightweight backpack. One bag, many looks, many uses. Just what I needed. So off I go.

  1. Morning of trip: Laptop, check… passport, check… motion sickness meds, check… snacks, check… sweater, check.  Everything fit perfectly in the lovely leather lined pockets that kept all my odd and ends nicely organized. I looped the strap through the back tab and voila, a super cute backpack. Now I could be hands-free to drag my heavy suitcase behind me (luckily weighing under 25kg).
  2. At the airport: Once I checked my bag, I needed easier access to my boarding pass, ID and phone (from the nifty outside accessory pockets), so I changed the strap to make a messenger bag. The bag was lightweight and comfortable to wear across my body as I walked through the airport, past security and into the plane.
  3. At the hotel: Once I arrived in the hotel, I unpacked and then unloaded my handbag and then changed into something nice to go for drinks.  I wanted a smaller handbag for this excursion so I moved the strap to the lower rings and folded the BECCA over to create a smaller, cool looking handbag. Still loving the super easy access to my dual outside hidden accessory pockets, for my phone and cards.
  4. Next day, meetings:  Packed my laptop into the BECCA, shortened the strap and put it on one shoulder to wear it as a stylish Messenger bag. I was wearing a cute black A-Line dress so I wore BECCA to reveal the lighter side of the chic bag for some contrast.
  5. Final day, sightseeing: During the day, I switched the bag from Messenger to backpack while I shopped, gallery hoped, ate, drank and walked. My phone and sunglasses fit perfectly in the back accessory pockets. I never worried about security since the sturdy zipper kept all my belongings super safe.

Many times on the trip I was so happy with my handbag choice. I kept thinking “I know I designed this bag but it has far surpassed every expectation, what a PERFECT handbag for traveling.” Packing just got a whole lot easier.

Check out the video below to see all the wearable options with the BECCA backpack/messenger/handbag.

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